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faltam dois dias para o 25 de Abril e só tenho vontade de chorar


The world now witnesses the strengthening and multiplying of the systems of mind control designed to prevent humanity finding its true self. The crescendo of activity we witness in the world and the systems of communicating that mind control are proof of the coming of the moment in time when humanity comes to understand what has been done to it. The vast array of falsely led movements are evidence of the strategy to pervert the moment, to distract humanity, to stop us finding ourselves. They won't work. Most of humanity don't even know that the battle has begun, nor that it is the battle that will decide the future of our species. It is the endgame, the battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, a battle that can only be fought with love, for it is love that must form the foundation of the brave new world that humanity must build, love that is our true state of being, love that is the future. The first moment in history when we each of us feel each other in the hearts and understand that this reality is not how our world should be, that these wrongs can be set right, that we can live together in a better way, that we can end fear and greed and the control systems that make war and poverty and hunger, that we can be free, that we can make our world the thing of beauty and joy and love that it should be. You will make sure of it, if you will it to be so. -- fonte


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