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de Paula Rego
My country is dying.

The government in my country are killing us all.

My country is beautiful. My country has existed as a nation since the 12th century. My country has it all, mountains and rivers and valleys, sunny days and plains, an ocean, the most beautiful white-sand beaches.

The governors in my country are corrupt, they are thieves. They steal from everybody and get rich in the process. The governors in my country are dishonest, they lie and lie and rob the people, protect only their rich friends.

Unemployment in my country has risen to unprecedented levels, young couples dare not have children any more.

My country is dying and yet .. we have it all: the sun and the wind and the rain.

We're a member of NATO, we are part of the EU, the euro-zone.

We are an amiable people. We are warm at heart, uncomplicated. We're brave and intelligent. In the 16th century, we were on top of the world, we enabled all others to explore the unknown. Wer're daring, adventurous, peaceful. We are witty.

We're poor and getting poorer.

We're dying.

The political powers have sold us to banks and other finantial corporations. The president of our republic is a puppet at the hands of international economic interest, and so is the prime minister. The members of parliament in my country serve mainly their own interest, many of them are CEOs in big companies rather than civil servants.

There's poverty in my country,  there's hunger. The old, the poor and the sick have noone to turn to. The young have no option but to emigrate. There's no future in my country.

My country is desperate, seeking for justice, needy of hope.

My country is dying.


H.E.L.P. !

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