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neonazis gregos espancam deputado de esquerda

and I say ..


and DO IT NOW !!! 


Golden Dawn members attack and beat SYRIZA MP 
Members of extreme right-wing Golden Dawn attacked and beat Dimitris Stratoulis, MP of left-wing SYRIZA outside OAKA football stadium Sunday evening in Athens. According to Stratoulis, he was approached by three men who told him they were members of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn).  --ler mais aqui


Golden Dawn =  Chrysi Avgi = Aurora Dourada = partido neonazi grego que, espante-se!! :
  • está legalizado
  • pôde concorrer a eleições
  • conseguiu 7% dos votos expressos nas últimas legislativas
  • ganhou direito a ter deputados no parlamento


Golden Dawn Members Attack Syriza MP at Football Match 
- notícia e foto aqui 

Dimitris Stratoulis, of the opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza), said the three neo-Nazi Golden Dawn thugs approached him at half-time and beat him several times over the head. 
 "They approached me and said, 'Stratoulis, we are members of Golden Dawn and we will kill you,'" said the 54-year-old MP, who sustained minor injuries and filed a police complaint after the assault. 

Golden Dawn has denied any involvement in the attack.
However, Syriza officials directly blamed Golden Dawn for the incident. 
"We demand the prompt arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators," the party said in a statement. "It is certain that tolerance towards the fascist Golden Dawn will lead to loss of life. The response must be immediate and decisive before it's too late." 

The incident happened after hundreds of people gathered at central Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against the wave of racism and racially motivated attacks on immigrants in Greece.

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